Dufur Visioning Plan: 5 Year Update

October 22, 2022

We need your help with the 5-year update on Dufur’s 10-year vision: how are we doing and how do we get there?

The Dufur community came together to develop a Community Vision and Action plan in 2016. Following that process the Dufur community made school improvements, added new sidewalks, moved forward needed infrastructure projects, and upgraded park facilities leveraging outside grant funding and local investment.

It’s time for community members, businesses and organizations to come together again to update this vision for what they want Dufur to be in the future. This vision will help guide development, community focus, and investments in the coming years as well as provide a reference for outside funders supporting Dufur.

There are two ways to contribute your ideas:

  1. Fill out the survey using the QR code below

  2. Attend the community meeting Tuesday, November 15th at 6 p.m. at Dufur School. Dinner will be provided.

    (You can also do both!)


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